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Customized Business Transcriptions


Dear Enterprise Client,

Thank you for reaching out to Alliance Business Solutions LLC Language Services. Our goal is to service all of your language needs for Transcription, Translation and Interpreting. As an enterprise client we want to ensure that your language services receive the utmost priority to meet your business needs. All of our enterprise clients have a dedicated Account Managers who will be your primary contact at Alliance Business Solutions LLC for any language services orders or special request.

We are able to accommodate any special requests to meet your business needs. Some of the common enterprise requests involve:


Customized Order Portals

Language Services order portals which allow you to add additional criteria required for internal billing and reconciliation purposes.


Invoice Billing

Our enterprise customers are invoiced once per month, with billing options at net 30.


Additional Security Measures for Your Data

FTP Transfers, Additional Encryption Measures, SSL, etc.


NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements)

Additional protection for your information.

We look forward to hearing from you.  

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